Alabama Ranks Among Highest In Uninsured Motorists

Alabama Ranks Among Highest In Uninsured Motorists Driving in Alabama can prove hazardous to your wallet and possibly your life because the state ranks as the third highest in the nation for uninsured drivers, with an unsettling 26% of drivers on the road never bothering to get the insurance coverage that is required by law. Birmingham alone has an average of 74 car accidents in its metropolitan area annually, meaning that almost 19 of those accidents involved uninsured drivers.

What Alabama Law Requires

Anyone operating a motor vehicle needs to meet the state’s specific financial responsibility requirements to prove that their vehicle is covered by liability insurance in the event they are involved in an accident on Alabama roads and highways. Obtaining a Motor Vehicle Liability Bond for no less than $50,000 or obtaining a Certificate of Cash Bond for at least $50,000 are two ways to meet this financial responsibility requirement. The third way is to purchase an insurance liability policy from a recognized insurance carrier offering such policies for automobile owners and drivers.

Private Passenger Policy Requirements

Alabama state law requires liability insurance coverage that is 25/50/25, meaning that the policy will cover $25,000 in injury liability for one person involved in an accident, a total of $50,000 liability to cover all accident injuries, and $25,000 in private property damage per accident. Because an individual never knows when an accident may occur, it is essential that drivers keep proof of insurance and financial responsibility in their wallet or car glove compartment at all times. This proof includes a copy of your insurance card or a copy of your insurance liability policy to show police officers at the accident scene. Smart drivers, especially those who deal with the day to day traffic involved in navigating throughout Birmingham and other large cities in the state, also spend a bit more to include collision and comprehensive coverage in their insurance policy. This additional coverage protects them against theft, vandalism and the repair costs to fix a vehicle damaged in an accident.

The Consequences of Being Uninsured

Drivers who operate passenger vehicles without the minimum insurance coverage are playing financial roulette with their lives. In addition to having their vehicle’s registration suspended if caught driving without insurance, insurance scofflaws in Alabama are also subject to paying fines in order to reinstate their driving privileges, not to mention the Alabama uninsured motorist 22% in 2009financial burden of civil and criminal lawsuits brought by other drivers and accident victims.