Infinity Property & Casualty Offers Nonstandard Auto Insurance

New Kid in the Auto Insurance Industry Block

Infinity Property & Casualty Corporation is a relative newcomer to the auto insurance industry, with its Infinity Insurance having begun operation in 2002. Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Infinity specializes in offering nonstandard car insurance to individuals whose driving history and other factors such as prior DUI, accident claims, vehicle type or ticketed violations may make it difficult for them to obtain auto insurance from traditional insurance vendors in order to comply with state mandates. Infinity ranks 22nd among the top 25 largest auto insurers in the nation, having slightly more than 1 million direct written premiums in 2012, representing a 0.61 market share in the auto insurance industry. Infinity is licensed to sell its auto products in all 50 states and also insures classic and collector cars in addition to regular passenger automobiles.

Infinity’s 3 Major Personal Auto Insurance Categories

Infinity Nonstandard Auto InsuranceInfinity offers three major categories of personal auto insurance: Infinity Premier for customers with clean driving records who want higher limits and broader coverage including such benefits as automatic enrollment in Infinity’s Roadside Assistance Program, coverage for temporary transportation expenses and guaranteed repairs; Value-Added Coverage, a mid-level policy designed for those who may have one or more violations on their driving record; and the Low Cost Option, a no-frills policy for those whose driving record and past history may prove problematic in obtaining the liability insurance coverage necessary to meet state minimum requirements.

Infinity Money-Saving Programs

Discounts can prove substantial for drivers who qualify for a number of Infinity money-saving programs. These include discounts up to 27% for Multi-Car policies, up to 25% for drivers who can prove consistent good driving habits, an up to 10% Good Student discount for making good grades, Renewal Discounts up to 8%, Mature Drivers Safety Discount rewarding those 55 and older, and Paid-in-Full Discounts for paying annual premiums in one lump sum rather than in installments.

DriverClub: Infinity Auto Insurance Program

DriverClub is an Infinity Auto Insurance program offering access to 24/7 Nationwide Road Assistance that covers the program participant in any car at any time, whether or not they are the driver. Classic Collectors Insurance by Infinity is a division of the Infinity Property & Casualty Company formerly with Great American Insurance that became affiliated with Infinity in 2005. It offers specialty insurance protection to classic car owners in 42 states. It covers antique, classic and modified vehicles in a variety of mileage plans depending upon how much the vehicle is driven annually. Signature features of a Classic Collectors policy includes Agreed Value Coverage, Drive to Work Coveage, a Choose Your Own Repair Shop option, Newly Acquired Vehicle Coverage, and free Spare Parts, Trip Continuation, Glass Repair and Emergency Roadside Assistance Coverages.